Jonathan Lewis Jr was brutally murdered by a mob of his classmates right outside his high school in a conflict over 40$ headphones. Love Humanity is a movement in response to this horrific tragedy. We are a collective dedicated to the creation of a better world through peaceful coexistence by exemplifying the best of humanity through the creative expression of all people. We create the antidote out of the poison of this lunacy, love is the medicine!

501(c)(3) Specifics

  • Love Humanity Healing Arts Center
    • Dance/Somatic Release/Movement
    • Martial Arts Training - Healthy Warrior Expression
    • Videography
    • Music
    • Visual Arts
    • Mixed Media
    • Forest Restoration & Community Gardens
    • Criminal Mindset Channeled into Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Satellite Program for the center - with free transportation
  • Legislative Agenda
    • Central Network for all entities to come together and collaborate- Mobile App
    • Collaboration with Government entities
    • Funding for Love Humanity Healing Arts Center
    • Funding for crisis intervention teams
    • Parent conflict Mediation
    • School Zone Safety Programs
  • Annual Peace Memorial Concert


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